by Saif Chida

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Cirta, the old cinema hall of Kef, is the reflection of a distant time when the medina was more dynamic and where there was more cultural life. Saif has been following neighborhood children for two years, filming them and introducing them to the cinema. He wants to make a fiction movie with these young people, telling the story of a neighborhood’s cinema theatre that no longer exists, in order to show the impact of culture and cinema on a city and its inhabitants. He will also make a documentary on the whole process and the history of cinema, the neighborhood and the encounter of those young people.

The project involves 5 young dropouts from the medina district through different stages. It also includes people of the neighborhood who once knew this cinema theatre and who will participate as actors.

> About Saif Chida

Saif Chida is a Tunisian director, artistic director of the Act Kef - Arts association for cinema and theater in Kef and cinema teacher in a primary school. He designs cultural programs for Kef schools, participates in the creation of several music and film festivals (FCKEF, artistic caravan).


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