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We are delighted to present the 5 selected artists, who will be part of the first stage of the international cooperation programme, Slash Transition.

They will be travelling to Nantes, France, to our partner TREMPO from March 13 to 23, 2024 for the training programme and will take part in several workshops to reflect on the links between creation, urbanism and sound.


A “pop caress”, as defined by Rolling Stone. Larie flows between the organicity of MPB, electronic pop and their own experimental vibes, having already stepped on stages such as Ronnie Scott’s in London and SummerStage in New York, the composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer is one of the exponents of new Brazilian contemporary music. Taking a step towards a solo career, they released many singles, followed by comparisons to Bon Iver or Camille and the attempt of Spanish critics to define it as “somewhere between Björk and Caetano”. The Brazilian artist is now based in Portugal, where they found the space to gather experiences on the most diverse fronts of musical creation.

Larie will be in Tunis, Tunisia for the residency work.

You­tube · Soundcloud · Ins­tagram · Bandcamp


Amal Yaakoubi, born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1996, is a self taught musician whose journey started in 2014 when she started playing the electric guitar. She later started playing Oud in 2017 – a 12th string Arabic instrument, the exploration of these instruments and their different universes have immensely shaped her sound. A sound that is in motion and through which she tries to navigate her own self, others and life.

Amal will be in Lisbon, Portugal, for the residency work.



Ursula Winterauer aka Gischt works as a composer, sound artist and curator in Vienna. In her work, she deals with raw sounds in digital overdetermination and contrasts these with the clear and human nature of her own voice. Her eclectic soundscapes deliver differentiated interpretations of the genres industrial, techno and ambient, which are reflected by means of bass guitar, synthesizer and electro-smog clouds.

She works as a sound designer and composer for film and develops compositions for contemporary dance. Winterauer is co-founder and label manager of Ventil Records, co-organizer and commercial director of the Unsafe+Sounds Festival and curator of New Salt Festival.

The artist will be in Nantes, France for the residency work.

Website · Face­book · Ins­tagram · Bandcamp


Giorgi Koberidze is an electronic and classical music composer from Georgia. Early in his musical journey, Giorgi explored various genres, paving the way for his studies in music technology and composition at Tbilisi State Conservatoire, where he currently serves as a professor of music programming, as well as at Ilia State University and the private music school “303 Herz”. His latest experiments are mostly connected to Georgian traditional music and have already seen some success in this direction, winning the first prize in the Tbilisi Conservatoire Composers Awards. Additionally, he was selected as a “SHAPE+” artist, collaborating with a musical partner in their collective project, “Awwwara.”

Simultaneously, Giorgi is a film and theater composer. His latest score, “What do we see when we look at the sky?”, won second place at the International Cinephile Society Awards and was nominated for the best music at the German Film Critic Prize. Giorgi’s artistic endeavors involve the seamless fusion of electronic and classical instrument timbres, a focus that underscored his master’s thesis at Tbilisi State Conservatoire. The continuation of this research is his latest musical piece “Forests, Tales, Cities, Forests” that won the “Tsinandali Award,’ which is the main artistic award in Georgia.

Giorgi will be in Innsbruck, Austria, for the residency work.

Soundcloud · Face­book · Ins­tagram · Bandcamp · Youtube


Sound artist, musician and developer, Fanch Dodeur has been working since 15 years to weave links between images and sounds. Largely influenced by the concept of synesthesia, he also borrows tools and data analysis methods from science, which allows him to identify and sensitively stage the often imperceptible networks of interactions that make up reality and govern ecosystems (human, non-human, non-living, real and digital world).

Fanch and his pair Barthélemy Péron form the duo ExSitu which work on the links between sound and digital art. He is also a member of the Nantes-based-collective Serres that gathers mediators, scientific journalists and artists from different disciplines.

Fanch will be in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the residency work.

ExSitu Website · ExSitu Ins­tagram · Serres Collective Website

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Slash Transition is a cooperative project running from March 2023 to March 2027.




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