«Thoulathy : Cross-Border Collaboration» launches in Izmir

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The launch meeting of "Thoulathy³: Cross-Border Collaboration" brought together the 10 winning collaborations of the Thoulathy³ call - an Arabic word for trio - in Izmir for a 4-day workshop designed to familiarise the group with each other and provide a space to revisit and shape their collaborative projects.

Each Thoulathy³ trio, consisting of two organisations from the South and one from the North, will work for one year to develop and implement their projects. 

By bringing the trios from the South and the North together in a forest in Urla, Izmir, the implementing partners - L'art Rue and MitOst - wanted to bring the participants into a different state of mind and rhythm, which would provide them with the necessary distance to acquire different ways of working together.

Through times of exchange and questioning about expectations, needs, the way of working together and a practical approach of the organisers on what is collaborative work, a list of principles / good practices from the exchange was born.

Then the Dugnad method, facilitated by members of the All-Around Culture team, was an excellent tool to trigger deeper conversations between Thoulathy³ partners about their own ways of working together.

While the first two days of the meeting were devoted to exploring working relationships and each other, on the last two days the facilitators invited participants to revisit their ideas for collaboration and created space for constructive peer feedback. The method that generated a lot of enthusiasm is called "Ritual Dissent". Developed by Dave Snowmen, ritual dissent is a workshop method and listening technique designed to test and improve the ideas sketched out by subjecting them to ritualised critique, in other words, for peers to challenge them.

So at the end of these meetings and workshop times, and after receiving valuable input from their peers and new ideas, each Thoulathy³ team spent the last day of the meeting working on their collaborative idea and planning.

In addition, each team had a separate mentoring session with one or two members of the L'Art Rue and MitOst teams. These consultations marked the beginning of the mentoring journey in "Thoulathy³: Cross Border Collaboration", which is designed to support each collaborative team and provide them with guidance and feedback.

The one-year journey of the "Thoulathy³: Cross-Border Collaboration" project has got off to a great start in Izmir, Turkey, and you will be kept informed of the progress of this programme!

Source : allaroundculture.com

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