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Cross-Border Collaboration Projects

When and where?

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In the framework of the international cooperation programme All-Around Culture, co-funded by the European Union, L'Art Rue and MitOst e.V. are launching a call for applications for cross-border collaboration projects : Thoulathy.

What is Thoulathy?

As part of All-Around Culture, Thoulathy initiates and supports collaborations of cultural organisations between the following group of countries which we have divided geographically between South and North.

South Countries : Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Western Sahara, and Libyan and Syrian diaspora in these countries

North Countries : Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and Libyan and Syrian diaspora in these countries.

Who is it for?

We are looking for 20 cultural organisations from the ‘South’ and 10 cultural organisations from the ‘North’ to work together in trios (2 South organisations, 1 North organisation) on a 15-month collaboration project funded up to €40,000. Throughout the project period, selected participants will receive mentoring and peer support, participate in 3 international group meetings and join a growing network. 

Why Thoulathy?

Thoulathy aims to : 

>  Hold a space to create partnerships and exchange knowledge

>  Support building needed capacities to enable cultural organisations to collaborate regionally/ internationally using mentorship and peer learning

>  Increase competences for knowledge transfer and intercultural dialogue among cultural organisations

>  Support the mobility of cultural managers and programmers across the Arab region and internationally

>  Support regional and international networking of organisations working with youth, remote areas, and communities in underserved areas

>  Offer further learning activities in coordination with our Ecosystems Academy.

About the applicants

Congratulations to the 10 applicants who were selected for the Thoulathy³: Cross border Collaboration Projects 

Out of 77 applications, 15 were shortlisted and 10 were chosen by an independent jury. Each application represents a Thoulathy³, a collaboration between two organisations from the South and one organisation from the North. In September 2022, a Kick-Off meeting has been hold for the 30 organisations to meet and for each Thoulathy³ to develop their collaborative projects further. Each Thoulathy³ will be granted up-to €40,000 for project implementation. 

About the application process

Deadline to apply with a collaboration concept between 3 partners (2 partners from different South countries and 1 from the North countries) is Sunday 8 May 2022 (23:59 CET).

During the application period, we offer virtual spaces for applicants to get to know more about Thoulathy and find partners for their collaboration ideas.

On the Thoulathy Slack channel (via web or app), you can share your own profile, find potential partners and work on your collaboration concept. We will organise live Q&A and matching sessions and we will announce the dates and the Zoom links via the Slack channel and All Around Culture communication platforms and social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter). Participation on Slack or in Zoom calls is highly recommended (even if you already have an established partnership) but not compulsory for application.

For more details about the selection criteria and how to apply, please check the full call for applications and the resources below


For more information on requirements and how to apply to Thoulathy, please visit the website of All-Around Culture.

Practical information

●  Call for applications : March 7, 2022

● Submission deadline : May 8, 2022 (23:59 CET)

●  Results announcement : June, 2021 

● Project period: August 2022- November 2023 


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