by Muayyad Abu Amuna

When and where?

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The Taarikh (meaning “History”) project examines in its general context the presence of Palestinians after their displacement in 1948 and before, and the possibility of chronicling ancestral stories that formed an important part of the history and identity of Palestine in the form of a series of films that will be shown in more contemporary places and contexts. Young people will be involved in the various stages of research and in teh creation of a platform to publish these stories. The aim of this research is to preserve what have been neglected by the Palestinians on the one hand and the Israeli occupation on the other because preserving the Palestinian footprint is a right, given that the Palestinians are the original inhabitants of this land.

> About Muayyad Abu Amuna

Muayyad Abu Amuna is a media graduate and works in the field of cinema. His works in general question the idea of land, eradication, borders, self-identity and nature. He hasd produced of many films ranging from fantasy, experimental art and video, and participated in many events, training courses, workshops and local and international partnerships. One of his projects, ""The Struggle,"" a film about the search for a normal life in Gaza City, was shown at several international festivals.


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