Hearing the shape of the drum

by Moad Musbahi

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The Zawiya is a building designed as both a tomb and a school, they are connected to the past through the dead buried within them, and those that visit and pay their respects to them. A traffic of people who have left behind a rich archive of family histories and social events that are storied within these spaces and are constantly retold orally. The zawiya is thus a community space in which history is performed and heard, which the project seeks to investigate, with the hope to stage a series of performances and events within them.

> About Moad Musbahi

Moad Musbahi is a Libyan artist and curator. His work uses exhibition-making, video-installation and creative writing to understand migration as a social process and form of knowledge production. He has developed projects with the Libyan Studies Center, the Sharjah Architecture Triennial and the Royal College of Art among others.


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