“The Dido Problem” residency by Arrej Huniti and Eliza Goldox


L'Art Rue

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Through their residency with L’Art Rue from January to March 2021, the Jordanian-German artist duo of Areej Huniti and Eliza Goldox roamed Tunisia to work on the question of feminine myths tied to water. From their fieldwork was born “The Dido problem,” a film and a public intervention project presented as part of a performance-conference.

The work tackles the politics of water and the reconstruction of mythology. The starting point is reinventing the myth of Dido and interrogating her resistance to oppression and the territory. Through digital and material speculations, the film takes on the notion of forced mutation and historical fabrication in the ecological and social spheres. In following the histories and cycles of water, “The Dido problem” addresses the issue of the complex circulation of matter and desire and how it is mutated by exploitation.

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From January to April 2021