Areej Huniti and Eliza Goldox

Huniti and Goldox are a Jordanian-German artist duo based between Leipzig and Amman. Together they use new media technologies like virtual reality, video art and writing to develop spaces and collective imagination tools. This stems from their desire to engage differently with the human condition within social and ecological systems.

Their preferred themes are water, mythology, and engagement with other natural elements as a means of narrating stories on liquid, dry and immaterial matter. When they think about the question of water, they think about how we can feel less like isolated entities and more like fluid bodies dissolving into complex circulation.

Their work has been exhibited at Darat Al Funun, at the MMAG Foundation, at the Jordan National Gallery and at the Goethe Institute in Amman, SomoS Art House in Berlin and will be presented at the School of Waters, Mediterranea Biennale in San Marino and at D21 in Leipzig.