"Lines" dance creation by Andrew Graham

Thursday, 21 september - 6:00 PM

Friday, 22 september - 6:00 PM

Saturday, 23 september - 6:00 PM

Sunday, 24 september - 6:00 PM

Friday, 06 october - 6:00 PM

Saturday, 07 october - 6:00 PM

Stade municipal de la Hafsia


L'Art Rue

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Throughout 2023, Andrew Graham will be in residency in Tunis, to continue the development of his choreographic work with a mixed group of dancers.

Back in September 2021, Andrew Graham was invited by L'Art Rue to provide dance workshops to a diverse group of children and teenagers. This encounter revealed the impracticability of the city. This workshop aims to give the chance to people in wheelchairs to join the other children, mothers, teenagers on stage. How do bodies move to make an impractical space more accessible, and how does this obstacle allow individuals to gather, help each other and be imaginative and creative ?

During Dream City 2022 festival, a first phase of work, LIGNES, will be presented.

At the beginning of 2023, Andrew Graham’s residency phase focuses on working on the solos of his creation in the form of "choreographic poems". The group compositions and the solos unfold and address the issue of how the group work supports and encourages the solos ?

Each member creates a sort of haiku, a short Japanese poem, which would be later used in the final phase of creation to present the dance as the audiodescriptions do. This phase of work is developed in collaboration with poet and writer Milène Tournier. 

Four languages are used in the development of this project : writing, Tunisian sign language, dancing and singing. In this creation, it is not a matter of translation but rather a matter of mixing and intersecting these communication means to serve as a key guiding principle to the Tunisian dance "El hadhra" (trance). This creation gets inspired by different forms of languages to create movement (such as sign language gestures). 

The project continues in 2023 with various collaborations, including one with Benjemy, giving rise to a choreographic creation to be discovered during the Dream City 2023 festival.

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September 2021

From May 2022 to October 2023


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