Ateliers de la Ville Rêvée 2023 Report

Dream City 2023

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During five days in Tunis, ten young Tunisian activists in the field of ecological transition accompanied by two experts met up for Les Ateliers de la Ville Rêvée to share their experiences and practices and to reflect on climate justice, the fundamental right to access to a healthy environment, hydric stress, the concept of commons, and equitable sharing of resources, social and popular ecology, and living in the city in a sustainable way. 

The group addressed the question: « Is the climate crisis also a crisis of the imagination? » This was done to evaluate the capacity of artists, cultural operators, thinkers, activists, and political decision-makers and their role in suggesting 

alternatives and other forms of human existence. These workshops were based on three thematic conferences that brought together an artist and a scientific expert for a public debate open to questions and queries from the audience.

This report provides a concise overview, summarizing the most relevant aspects observed during the three « Ateliers de la Ville Rêvée », which took place within the framework of Dream City festival. Differentiating itself from a straightforward narrative transcription of the statements made by various participants, the content aims to be reflective and analytical, anachronistically weaving together the different exchanges that emerged from the discussions.

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Leaf through the Ateliers de la Ville Rêvée 2023 report in Arabic


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