Activity report 9th edition of Dream City - 2023

In October 2023, for its 9th edition, Dream City brought together more than 27,500 people in 36 different venues in the Medina of Tunis and the Greater Tunis area, around a multidisciplinary and committed programme that was both rooted in its territory and open to the region and the world.

We are delighted to share with you the activity report for this 9th edition.

As a festival of contextual creation, Dream City is rooted in its territory and unfurls in the Medina of Tunis, but also radiates out across different areas of the city, enabling a multiplication of shared spaces (sites steeped in history as well as rehabilitated spaces) and audiences, alternating between intimate forms and the general public, be they art amateurs or merely curious.

In constant dialogue with the world, Dream City brings together artists from Tunisia, the MENA region and the African continent, to display the creativity and artistic diversity of its territory and region. Dream City also celebrates artistic plurality by inviting young emerging artists to present their work at an international festival, as well as established artists to come and (re)think their practices in unique venues and contexts.

The festival has considerably broadened its horizons this year by extending the duration of its run from 10 to 17 days, enriching the experience on fostering the complexity of relationships.

> Dream City 2023 in figures

∙ 248 artists from 32 different countries

∙ 43 artworks presented, including 14 creations

∙ 248 Dream City team members, including 76 residents of the Medina

∙ 27,904 festival attendees

∙ 76 festival partners

∙ 36 venues

∙ 192 young people directly involved in preparing the festival

∙ 134 volunteers

∙ 5,237,000 people reached on social networks

A big thank you to the festival attendees, our partners and the exceptional Dream City team, whose commitment, energy, empathy and enthusiasm made this edition unforgettable.

See you in autumn 2025 for the 10th edition!


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