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The aim of the "Massari, Consolidating your cultural career " project is to support the Tunisian cultural scene through artistic training in the fields of dance, visual arts, theater, music, books, cinema and digital technology.

Six Tunisian cultural organizations- L'Art Rue, Al Badil, Echos cinématographiques, Minassa, the Syndicat des libraires et distributeurs importateurs et exportateurs du livre (SLDIEL) and Safahat - in partnership with the Institut français de Tunisie and the French Embassy in Tunisia, have devised and designed training courses on themes designed to enhance the skills of professionals in three areas: artistic, administrative and technical.

As part of the Massari programme, L'Art Rue has designed 3 training courses covering the artistic, technical and mediation fields.

These training courses are aimed at creators, artists, technicians, project managers and, more generally, professionals in the cultural field in Tunisia who wish to strengthen their skills.

These courses, which will take place in 2024 and 2025, will be based not only on a theoretical approach but also on workshops, field visits and time for exchanges with professionals in the sector to build together critical thinking based on practice.

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