Open call: Get Your Training in Cultural Mediation with Massari

We are delighted to share with you a major step in the realisation of our mission within the Tunisian cultural ecosystem. Since its establishment, L'Art Rue has been committed to supporting artists and contributing to cultural development in Tunisia. Today, we are taking a new step with the launch of cultural training modules as part of the Massari project. 

> About the Massari project: 

The Massari project aims to consolidate the professional trajectory of those working in the cultural field. These partners include Al Badil, Echos cinématographiques, Minassa, the Syndicat des libraires et distributeurs importateurs et exportateurs du livre (SLDIEL), Safahat, and L'Art Rue all committed to enriching the training program with their unique expertise. 

> L'Art Rue Training Objectives: 

In this context, L'Art Rue proposes for 2024-2025, three cycles of training dedicated to the professions of culture, aiming to strengthen the skills of professionals of culture in cultural mediation, artistic creation, and professions of the technique of the show. This program aims to meet the growing demand for professionalization in the Tunisian cultural sector, accentuated by a thriving artistic scene over the past decade. 

> Focus on the First Module:  

Our first training module will focus on "Concepts and issues of cultural mediation". This module is designed to deepen the understanding of mediation as an essential bridge between cultural initiatives and the public. With a pedagogical approach focused on analysis and strategy, participants will be equipped to design and implement high-level mediation projects. 

> Open Call for Applications: Cultural Mediation  

For those who aspire to enrich their professional career in the field of culture, the call for applications for the training module in cultural mediation is now open until March 31st, 2024

To view the full call for applications and to submit your application, please visit the specially designed platform :  

If you have any questions about this specific call, you can contact directly before March 27th, 2024

We look forward to seeing you participate in this journey of discovery and professionalization. Together, we can consolidate our impact on the Tunisian cultural scene. 

> All the questions and answers can be found in our FAQ here (in French only).

Practical information

10 days of training between May and September, 2024 in Tunis in addition to visits to other regions. 

The exact dates will be communicated at a later date. 

Application deadline : March 31st, 2024.

Price information