Psycho-educational workshops with the Health & Psychology Association

in primary schools in the Medina 2023-2024


Ecole primaire publique Rue el Marr

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Falling in line with our goal to make schools a place of fulfilment, L'Art Rue has been running various activities as part of its "Art and Education" programme since 2012. 

For 2023-2024, L'Art Rue is joining forces with the Health & Psychology Asoociation team to offer monthly support workshops for teachers, parents and pupils at Rue el Marr school in the medina of Tunis, on topics such as "Parenthood and school", "The caring pedagogical relationship" and "Learning disabilities", as well as therapeutic mediations, discussion groups, etc.

The aim is to create a forum for parents, teachers and children to discuss the issue of violence. 

This programme is a continuation of the "Deconstructing Violence through Art" project led by L'Art Rue from 2018 to 2021 at Bab Souika school. 

It also involves working on the basis of a community approach that takes into account different systems and aims to raise awareness of the mechanisms of violence surrounding children in the family, school and community context.

>> About Health & Psychology

Health & Psychology is an association dedicated to psycho-social action and defending human rights, with a special focus on vulnerable groups. It works specifically in the field of juvenile justice and the protection of children and young people in situations of social difficulty, as well as the promotion and accessibility of mental health care. Founded in 2015, Health & Psychology is made up of practicing, hospital and university psychologists, specialized educators, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

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At Rue El Marr primary school - Medina of Tunis



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