Our artistic education workshops for children and teenagers at L'Art Rue

From 27 October 2023 to 31 May, 2024 at L'Art Rue

L'Art Rue

Throughout the school year, L'Art Rue organizes quality artistic education workshops, led by professional artists and collectives.

These workshops are free and upon registration.

The programme of the artistic workshops at L'Art Rue includes :

> Film Analysis workshop with the association Sentiers Massarib 

Since 2017, the Sentiers-Massarib association has been animating workshops of film criticism within L'Art Rue. These workshops consist in freeing the speech and the analytical capacity of children and adolescents from a film screening, while being accompanied by the members of the association.

> Vocal Practice workshop with Saloua Ben Salah 

This workshop is designed to share and learn around vocal capacities by working on the different components : breathing, connection to the body, emotion management, voice transmission, expression, etc.

 > Tutoring workshop with Rania Ben Dhafer 

This workshop offers regular aid and quality support to the children of the neighborhood in their homework in addition to providing courses in the Arabic language.

 > Philosophical Reflection workshop with Houda Kefi

This workshop has been active since 2020 within L'Art Rue, it aims to introduce children to philosophical thinking and accompany them in the formulation of questions and analysis of philosophical issues. 

> Theatre workshop with Besma el Euchi 

This theatre workshop addresses heatrical performances by placing the physical dimension at the heart of it. Experimentation, testing and discoveries are the driving forces behind this workshop.

> Sewing & Embroidery workshop with Imen Dridi 

A creative, fun and technical activity, sewing is a way to develop the creativity and concentration abilities of children. This sewing and embroidery workshop also transmits to children from 8 to 12 years old an original knowledge while creating a moment of sharing and cooperation.

> English Through Storytelling workshop with Ons Al Khalili

This English workshop combines storytelling, writing and understanding the elements of history and vocabulary enrichment to help children aged 9 to 12 learn English in a creative and fun way.

> Violin workshop with Yoldez Mejri

This Violin workshop aims to introduce young individuals aged from 12 to 17 years old to this instrument and to the solfege. It aims to enable the participants to acquire the basic skills in these two areas.

Practical information

From 27 October, 2023 to 31May, 2024 

at L'Art Rue


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