Film presentation "Me and my emotions"

When and where?

Saturday, 10 april - 2:00 PM

L'Art Rue

Come and discover on Saturday April 10, 2021 at 2 p.m. at L'Art Rue the work of the children of the Hafsia public primary school. Through a weekly animation film creation workshop led by Nada Dagdoug, the children are familiarized with this medium and have created their own film.

What physical portrayal suits each emotion? Are they friends or burdens? Many emotions come into play to influence the actions of a schoolchild from the time they leave the family home to the social experience in school. Making this animated film is about narrating a day in the company of one’s own, identified emotions!  Creativity as pedagogy allows for encouraging the child on multiple, intersecting levels: emotional, cognitive and his perspective.