by Nidhal Yahyaoui

1st oct. at 5pm

2 oct. at 5pm

3 oct. at 7pm

Hôtel Saint Georges

6 oct. at 5pm

7 oct. at 5pm

8 oct. at 5pm

Café Zaazaa Morkadh

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Upon his participation in 2015 in the creation of the Thabet brothers, “Nous sommes pareils à ces crapauds”, Nidhal Yahyaoui discovers Greek music Rebetiko, which dates from the 1920's.

For him, it was both a surprise and a revelation to discover all the similarities between this music coming from the other end of the Mediterranean and the Tunisian Malouf, during the same era. At that time, Nidhal Yahyaoui developed the desire to blend these two artistitically. 

Therefore, in collaboration with Greek musicians, from the repertoire of Rébetiko music and in dialogue with Tunisian music of the same time, Yahyaoui is weaving new sounds and melodies : Mediterranean (musical) languages mixing in rare harmony.

Practical information

A l’Hôtel Saint Georges 

1&2 Oct. at 5pm and 3 Oct. at 7pm

 Café Zaazaa Morkadh

 6, 7 & 8 Oct. at 5pm

Songs in Greek and Tunisian Arabic


60 min.

Price information

5 TND per ticket at Hotel Saint Georges on 1, 2 & 3 Oct.

Free at Café Zaazaa Morkadh on 6, 7 & 8 Oct. at 5pm