L’Art Rue at Dar Bach Hamba

L’Art Rue moved into the historical house of Dar Bach Hamba in 2015, located in the heart of the Tunis Medina, in the neighbourhood of souk el Blatt. In 2020, after long procedures, L’Art Rue managed to have their social headquarter ranked on the list of the national Tunisian heritage.

Dar Bach Hamba wears the name of the family that occupied it from the 17th century until 1923. The city’s day security is applied by the daouletli that heads a public force of about fifty hamba, ordered by a bach-hamba. Unless it’s a bach-hamba from the Bey’s palace, an even more important rank… And the title becomes a surname. 

The property of the Dar Bach-Hamba (dar = house) is handed to Franciscan nuns that acquire it in 1923 for a foundation. A school receives young Tunisian girls from the age of 5 years old to learn sowing, embroidery, cooking, etc… and a dispensary giving out care to the local inhabitants. The spreading of schooling and access to free health care brought this charitable organisation to close down.

The Dar Bach-Hamba then welcomed an initiative of Senator Corrao until 214 : the Orestiadi Foundation. A cultural center for the Mediterranean that develops a museum, exhibitions, concerts, conferences and brings a breath of fresh air in the house. 

In 2015, Dar Bach Hamba becomes the headquarters of the cultural organisation L’Art Rue that since  then develops all year long projects open on the neighbourhood, the city and the world. 

To find us 

40, rue Kouttab Louzir

1006 médina de Tunis

tél.: (+216) 29 212 775

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