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Ecole primaire publique Borj Cedria 2

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In 2021, the program "Change your Classroom" carried by L'Art Rue since 2012 becomes "Qismi al Ahla - Creating the best classroom democratically". The aim is to transfer the skills and experience of our organisation to civil society associations in the Tunisian regions to help them create safe spaces and an enabling environment in public primary schools for the development and emancipation of children.

Three associations in the governorates of Ben Arous, Jendouba and Médenine have been selected to benefit from the programme to strengthen their technical and organisational capacities as well as financial support for the implementation of "Qismi al Ahla" in 3 public primary schools.

In the governorate of Ben Arous, the association "Borj Cedria de demain" intervened in the public primary school Borj Cedria 2. This school has 270 pupils, 20 teachers and 11 classrooms. 

Two adjacent classrooms were transformed and merged to create a large space of approximately 96 m2 dedicated to cultural and artistic activities within the framework of Qismi al Ahla. In convergence with the improvement works undertaken by the Ministry of Education, this will allow the upgrading of the school to accommodate new students.

About the project leader in Borj Cedria: "Borj Cedria Alghad"

Borj Cedria Alghad is a public association whose objectives are to contribute to the development of Borj Cedria in an integrated manner, by promoting a cultural, economic and social dynamic and by protecting the environment. It works to consolidate the values of citizenship and human rights, to encourage initiatives, to forge links and to cooperate with the population in all areas by spreading the culture of teamwork and voluntary work. It also defends the claims of the inhabitants of Borj Cedria by legal means with all parties concerned.

It carries out activities in the fields of culture, education, sports, arts, environment, health, science and technology.

Finally, it creates projects of collaboration and exchange of experiences with various associations, institutions and national and international bodies that seek to achieve the same objectives.