Primary school known as Avenue de la République - Kebili

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Ecole primaire dite avenue de la République – Kébili

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Association Média et Animation des Jeunes is a beneficiary of the Qismi Al Ahla 2022-2023 programme for the Avenue de la République primary school in Kebili.

> About the primary school Avenue de la République - Kebili

The "Avenue de la République" school located in the centre of Kebili has 559 pupils, 36 teachers and 16 classrooms. The space to be transformed is a former workshop with a surface area of 70 m², far from the classrooms and with an open-air field.

The association and the pedagogical team wish to create a pilot space for artistic practices in order to introduce children to them and more generally to cultural activities.

The Qismi Al Ahla space was inaugurated at the République primary school in November 2023.

> About the Association Média et Animation des Jeunes

Upon its creation in 2012, the Association "Média et Animation des Jeunes" sought to promote the Kébili region, particularly through engaging young people in civil society activities and conducting projects that uphold gender equality. In 2021, the organization launched the first associative radio station in the South of Tunisia, "Radio & TV Nefzaoua", which covers news from both the region and the south of Tunisia.

> About Qismi Al Ahla

Qismi Al Ahla is a program of L'Art Rue which consists in accompanying and financially supporting regional Tunisian associations to create spaces dedicated to artistic practices within public primary schools.

These spaces, designed by and for children, offer them a stimulating environment to encourage their creativity, imagination and autonomy through artistic expression.

This project aims to make art accessible to children in public primary schools in the region and offers associations the opportunity to get involved in public primary schools through an artistic and civic education project with a protocol, financial support and tailor-made guidance.

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from November 2022 to December 2023