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The Revival Association is a beneficiary of the Qismi Al Ahla 2022-2023 programme for the Al Ahwech primary school in Feriana / Kasserine.

> About Al Ahwech Primary School - Feriana / Kasserine

"Al Ahwech" primary school in Feriana has over 500 pupils, 24 teachers and 17 classrooms. The room to be transformed is an old workshop of 32 m² which is currently closed and unfurnished.

The association and the school team seek to set up cultural clubs (activities such as drawing, reading, theatre, robotics...) and ensure the continuity of activities in partnership with the Regional Delegation of Education of Kasserine.

The Qismi Al Ahla space was inaugurated at the Al Ahwech primary school in November 2023.

> About the Revival Association

Upon its creation in 2014, the "Revival" association’s mission has been to enhance the capacities of young people and women so as to include them in the development of the socio-economic fabric of the Feriana region. The association accompanies economic development projects while contributing to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage belonging to the area.  

> About Qismi Al Ahla

Qismi Al Ahla is a program of L'Art Rue which consists of accompanying and financially supporting regional Tunisian associations to create spaces dedicated to artistic practices within public primary schools.

These spaces, designed by and for children, offer them a stimulating environment to encourage their creativity, imagination and autonomy through artistic expression.

This project aims to make art accessible to children in public primary schools in the region and offers associations the opportunity to get involved in public primary schools through an artistic and civic education project with a protocol, financial support and tailor-made guidance.

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from November 2022 to December 2023