Call for Participation to Andrew Graham's workshop

for Dream City 2023

The Project

L'Autre Maison is looking for participants for the creation of their new show which will be presented in Tunis during the Dream City edition in the autumn of 2023. 

Choreographer Andrew Graham and playwright Béatrice Pedraza from L'Autre Maison will first offer a series of dance workshops for children, parents and artists/educators. They will then offer individual interviews to those who wish to continue this work with them. 

 Andrew and Beatrice propose "that we have fun creating a micro-utopia of solidarity between the performers and the inhabitants. The idea is to imagine a performance in the Medina of Tunis in a space that will be accessible to all people, disabled or not, thanks to group choreographies and a scenography designed with ramps and tracks that will make the performance space accessible for the artists and the public.


Who is it for?

These workshops are open to anyone who wishes to experiment with movement and mixed gender work whether you are disabled or non-disabled, migrant, of all levels of artistic experience, of different spiritual beliefs, male, female and LGBTQIA+. Performing arts body practices are at the heart of their investigations to provoke new intercultural encounters, and thus make a meeting point of difference and create alternative ways of being together.


More specifically we would like to meet with : 



This first workshop is dedicated to all children between 3 and 16 years old, with or without disabilities, who like to dance, sing or play. It will be about imagining and making together future worlds in which you would like to live through group choreographies and games with the scenography.



Dads, Moms, and Grandparents, with or without disabilities, this workshop is open to anyone who is experiencing parenthood and would like to experiment with movement with or without their children. At the heart of the work, we will be interested in reflecting together on the accessibility of the city, the culture around parenthood, as well as the opportunities that there are in the city to mix and meet. It will be a question of honouring together poetic dance around parenthood and childhood in Tunis.



We expect the performer-pedagogues to have stage experience, a real appetite for movement and for creating choreographic phrases, as well as improvisation skills. Dancers must show an interest in transmitting their practice, either by having previous teaching experience or by demonstrating an interest in developing a pedagogical approach that is inclusive. The audition is open, however, please register and send an email with :

- Your CV

- A video of your stage work or classes (Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Website)


You are neither a "Child", nor a "Parent", nor a "Performer" and you are interested in participating in the creation. 

Meeting schedule 

 Thursday 5th May  2pm - 6pm Parents' workshop

Friday 6th May 2pm - 6pm Parents' Workshop

Saturday 7th May 3pm - 7pm Children's workshop

Sunday 8th May 2pm - 6pm Children's workshop

Monday 9th May 9am - 5pm Performers / Experienced Pedagogues Workshop

Tuesday 10th May 2pm - 6pm Individual interviews Performers / Experienced Pedagogues

Thursday 12th May 2pm - 6pm Mixed workshop

Saturday 14th May 2pm - 6pm Workshop & Individual meetings by invitation

How to register?

Registration is open via this online form.

Those selected will be paid for the next steps.


Dhouha Chaouch, Production Assistant (+216) 29 212 587

 For more information 

About the company L'Autre Maison: