" When I was a star ” [special issue]

by Mohamed Issaoui

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Alia was a dancer. All the cabarets of Tunis knew him and their scenes testified to his years of glory and beauty.

Years which passed not without traces on Alia, he who, with a tired body and a full heart, sees himself returning to his native village, to this land of origins from which he was once driven, to meet the mother's breast.

About Mohamed Issaoui

A graduate in French literature, Mohammed Issaoui has been working for several years on storytelling, drawing his writing from heritage, in this case popular dance and music. Since "Le Déserteur", his first creation (2017) with Imen Mourali, he has tried to put popular dance at the center of writing, to question his body and his identity. "KHTAWI," her second creation, a performance danced from a story that traces her childhood, was a nod to popular dance and a claim to a non-normative identity.

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Thursday September 30 at 7 p.m.

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Free on the Facebook page L'Art Rue -الشارع فن