Tomorrow, I’m leaving…

by Wael Marghni

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Art is not a solitary joy. Art is Sharing. Art nourishes the community by knowingly addressing the senses, emotions, intuitions and the intellect. The Artist is therefore obliged to come out of his solitude, to be different while accepting his resemblance to everyone.

What if I left...? My Tunisia, Me, Wael, Artist, Choreographer, Interpreter ... I am leaving, towards a territory without borders, towards a void. I'm leaving, towards a land where I will let my creativity roam free in nothingness. I'm leaving, towards a world where I can breathe my art, a world at the service of truth and freedom. I'm going on an adventure, with despair, grief, defeat, infidelity and ingratitude as my only luggage. This performance reflects the abandonment of a country to which I can no longer be attached. And so ... tomorrow, I leave!

Practical information

Friday May 28, 2021 at 19:00


1 hour

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Free online on the L’Art Rue الشارع فن Facebook page