The G Spot by Aymen Mejri

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‏Suppress the voices of the walls.

In the eternal construction of darkness, the house haunted by the lost bodies of guilty souls, he hides in the folds of a memory that is too heavy.

He crosses the heavy air towards the box

She’s still burning. Pandora is on fire. She comes back for him.

A thousand-year-old snake.

Through the camera’s eye, Aymen Mejri will seek to understand the observed and the observer. And he will question the traces of the collective unconscious on the body. The free body or the preconceived idea inherited from the body? Fear, fear of whom and why?

The performance will be followed by a conversation with Aymen el Mejri and Lobna Mlika, moderated by Khelil Triki.

About Aymen Mejri

Aymen Mejri is a director, actor, author and trainer. After his training at ISAD, Aymen joined the first coort of the Actor’s School of Tunis where he has been a trainer since 2016. Aymen was coauthor and actor in “Striptease le festin des rats” [Striptease the rat feast] by Moez Mrabet and “Fenêtre sur” [Window Over] by Raja Ben ammar. He was an actor in “Mouvma” by Anna Serlenga, “Schizo-frères” by Hatem Belhadj, “Voix” by Kays Rostom, “Violence(s)” and “Peur(s)” by Jalila Baccar and Fadhel Jaibi and “Woyzeck” by Oussama ghanam. It was “Kouzah”, his first directing produced by the Tunisian National Theater, which allowed the discovery of fascinating and exceptional world of this artist making his name in the world of theater.

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Friday March 26, 2021 at 19:00


1 hour

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Free online on the Facebook page of L'Art Rue -الشارع فن