“Passage of a body”

by Imed Jemaa

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Imed Jemâa is invited by L'Art Rue to recreate a piece of his repertoire in the DPDW Perfor-mance_Room. This performance will be followed by a question and answer interview around the artist's work.

For nearly half a century Imed Jemâa has produced and performed contemporary dance, domesti-cally and internationally. From dance-theatre to choreographic theatre, his anchorage is Tunisia, from the desert stones to the earth of the medina, from the sands to the wind, from the shores to the stage.

Memory above all inscribed in the flesh, its strength and its suffering, even and especially if the performance is essentially ephemeral. "Passage d'un Corps" retraces this artistic reality, this revived contact with the bodies of those he brought on to the stage since the beginning of his career as a dancer-choreographer.

About Imed Jemaa

Imed Jemaa is a Tunisian dancer and choreographer. He is considered one of the pioneers of con-temporary dance in Tunisia. A martial arts lover, classical and contemporary dancer, he founded his company, “Théâtre De la Danse” (“Theatre of Dance”) in 1989. His "Nuit blanche" (“Sleepless Night”) was selected at the Rencontres de Bagnolet in 1992. He equally received the silver medal for the best choreography for the Francophone  Games organized in Paris in 1994 .  As a dancer in the Tunisian National Ballet in 1990-1991, he is the interpreter of "Histoires d'elles" in a choreography by Odile Cougoule. He worked for the Tunisian National Ballet until 1996. In 1998, he launched the Mediterranean Choreographic Center project in Tunis with "Çabra", a show dedicated to Algeria.

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Friday 25 September 2020 at 19:00


1 hour

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Free online at the L'Art Rue -الشارع فن Facebook page