Church of Euthanasia

by Moncef Zahrouni

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"Church of Euthanasia" is a theatrical performance conceived by Moncef Zahrouni as the second chapter of the StyX trilogy that addresses the theme of death. TranStyX is the first part of the trilogy, and addresses near-death experiences and life after death. 

“Church of Euthanasia” targets collective suicide starting from this quote: "The simplest surreal act consists of, taking to the street with a revolver in each hand and calling for collective suicide and then demonstrating it by shooting the dreams swarming in the head".

In 2029, Esra, a young Tunisian woman, launches an event on Facebook entitled: "Rule the stones" which calls for collective suicide in order to isolate the oligarchs who hold the strings of political and economic life in the country and whose agendas lead to impoverishment. The movement goes viral and takes on an intercontinental scale. The Head of Government visits Esra, who has become a symbol of this mortiferous movement, to talk with her and encourage her to put an end to the massacre by addressing not only her fellow citizens but also the peoples of the whole world. Esra broadcasts her meeting with the clumsy politician on the internet and engages the Tunisian people in the decision-making process through the vote: the people trade their survival for the life of the head of government. Before making the cornelian decision, Esra reminds the politician of the suicide of her friend Mayara, an investigative journalist and humanist activist, following an arbitrary detention of two months that robbed him of his will to live. Eventually, Esra commits suicide by self-disembowelment in an act reminiscent of Harakiri among Japanese samurai.

About Moncef Zahrouni

A graduate of the El Teatro Studio founded and directed by Taoufik Jebali. He studied software engineering and then specialized in business management. He has many artistic experiences ranging from theatre to music to videography. Among his projects: Bibouddha (Music 2011-2012), Millenium Capella (Music, 2016-Today), Our Friends the Humans (Nos amis les humains) (Theatre, 2017), TranStyX (Theatre, 2020).

His interests? Reading, project management, travel, naturism, and intellectual debates.

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Friday 25 June 2021 at 19:00


1 hour

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Free online at the L'Art Rue -الشارع فن FB page