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by Aly Mrabet

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In this mini Live Act, Aly Mrabet has us dive into a reinterpretation of his latest creation “Electroniq Maqams”.

Here the artist reconquers soundscapes explored over 3 months during his artistic residency at L’Art Rue.

He transforms fragments of a dilapidated collective sound memory into a musical loop. The "Loop" will find its refuge in a closed sphere, that of a city both fragile and solid.

Within this context, Aly Mrabet invites the scenographer Walid Arfaoui.

The performance is followed by a conversation moderated by Yamina Mechri

About Aly Mrabet

A millennial and an iconic figure of the new Tunisian Nights, Aly Mrabet is a DJ-producer and a driver of sound trends. Between saccharine House, rebellious Afro, tireless Acid and crazy Electro, the sounds this artist creates lead us into a No Man's Land of sounds full of surprises. Self-taught, his career is dotted with audacity, blast, and magic, clearing a path toward improbable and innovative tracks. A trend maker, Aly is the founder of "Your Party" and the co-founder of "Terra Negra", "Green Waves" and "Hi Lemon".  

Practical information

Friday 29 January 2021 at 6:00 pm


1 hour

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Free online on the L'Art Rue -الشارع فن FB page