"Flagrant délit" residency by Essia Jaibi

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As part of the 'Flagrant délit' (1st provisional title 'Tunisian Queer Play') project initiated by the Mawjoudin association in April 2021, the Tunisian director and playwright Essia Jaïbi is invited to develop a theatrical creation during a writing residency that will take place from November 2021 to May 2022 at and in coproduction with L'Art Rue.

This project, the first of its kind in Tunisia, is an attempt to approach Queer as a culture, a movement, an orientation through a theatrical creation based on a Tunisian reality and which will develop through a process of research, writing and fictional creation.


It all began on January 22, 2022...

4 days that certainly didn't change the world, but that changed the destiny of Adam, Malek, Bakhta, Ahmed, Salma and Rayen.

Our six characters find themselves embroiled in a crazy story!

4 days that see their friendship put to the test, their love abused, their citizenship scorned...

4 days to come back down to earth, to land without a parachute and to crash into the reality of a multi-faceted society...

The first cycle of performances of Essia Jaibi's "Flagrant Délit" will take place at the Le Rio theatre (Tunis) on Saturday 21 May at 7pm and Sunday 22 May at 5pm.


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