"The path of the sun or the bare life" residency by Mohamedali Ltaief


L'Art Rue

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As part of his artistic residency with L'Art Rue from march to june 2021, Mohamedali Ltaief and his team travelled between the forest of Ain Draham, the mountains of Matmata and the island of Djerba.

An aesthetic and sonic research for heterotopic spaces.

The team works on globalized urban spaces ; the relationship between the chinese market and merchandised identities and its impact on the public space. In the framework of a constant search for spatial strategies, passing through Sonnenalle in Berlin, Saint-Denis near Paris, Attiki in Athens and Sidi Bou Mendil in Tunis, where chinese and turkish merchandise spread in arab migrants neighborhoods and marketplaces of the poor. The need to survive mixes with the economy of permanent war..

Between urban spaces of the fake chinese market and heterotopic spaces, the team explores the moving soundscapes in those different environments and transforms them through an interdisciplinary conceptual journey : sound, performance and visual art…