Residency "I grew an alien inside of me" by Rima Najdi

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Rima Najdi is in artistic residency at L'Art Rue in March 2022 to prepare  the Tashweesh's cooperation project and festival and to create a multidisciplinary performance that explores our awareness of time through the body. 

In this project entitled "I Grew an alien inside of me", Rima explores body movements and the experience of time in two distinct contexts, that of childbirth and that of a political/social revolution.

"I Grew an alien inside of me", is a multi-disciplinary performance that explores our consciousness of time through the body. It explores the body’s movements in and experience of time in two distinct contexts, that of childbirth, and that of a political/ social revolution. Exploring the entanglements and analogies between both experiences, the project investigates how time unfolds in childbirthing and revolting without a clear beginning or an end, a past and a future, where time is abstract and the body is moving around itself sometimes, repeating, breaking movement, time transforms to become fluid, not stuck in the ticking clock of the second, minute, hour, etc.

While our daily use of time is linear, autonomous, forward oriented, ideological in instances, "I Grew an alien inside of me" explores how time is structured by the body’s experience of events.

While waiting to discover this creation in September 2022 in Tunis as part of the Tashweesh festival, the premiere of "I grew an Alien inside of me" took place in Berlin on 20 May 2022 as part of the Festival Frequencies. Sharing Feminisms organised by the Goethe Institut Berlin. Read more about this event.