"Meandering Sejoumi waters" residency by Natural Contract Lab

When and where?

From May 27th to June 11th, 2023

L'Art Rue

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How can walking become a political gesture to cultivate empathy for a river? How to include one’s care and reciprocity for Sebkhet Sejoumi in the written law? How can we become vessels for water governance?

During 2023, Natural Contract Lab will be exchanging with several active groups to reflect about the notions of Sebkhet Sejoumi governance, citizens legitimacy and hydro commons. For the research period, they will be meeting water activists, youngsters and  local communities to set the ground for the moving performance at Dream City Festival.

During the activation moment in the festival Natural Contract Lab will be taking you on a walk with Sebkhet Sejoumi, making a circle of justice around the lake with a water vessel that mobilizes the stories and political gestures of the people and its kin water beings. Moving from the Medina towards Sebkhet Sejoumi, this nomad performance will become an intermittent intervention that transforms its shape in different forms of gatherings and encounters.

 Like a hydro flow that mixes the water with its environment, you will hear the voices of  water guardians during an AGORA, and keep on moving your water body through the landscape in and around Sebkhet Sejoumi, gathering stories, memories and actions through experiments of hydro grief and somatic scores that triggers new forms of relationships with water.  

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From May 27th to June 11th, 2023