Creation by Jalila Baccar

Dream City 2023


L'Art Rue

Friday, 22 september - 4:00 PM

Ancienne Eglise du Sacré Cœur

Production +

Following a first residency in April, Jalila Baccar returns to L'Art Rue to continue her work, accompanied by Essia Jaïbi in directing.

I was solicited to create another play about Palestine.

A kind of « Looking for Aïda » the return ?

Certainly not !

How can address Palestine today ?

How to speak of the land and the thousands of grains of sand trampled by

generations and generations?

How can we speak of olive trees, fig trees and orange trees planted by the 

ancestors ?

How to make the stones speak and the water spring from the bottom of the earth ?

How to scream, howl in the face of the earth :نحن بشر ?

Because we may have a tendency to forget it, behind the word « people »,

there are individuals, men, women and others who aspire only to live

normally without being stuck in this stifling duality : heroes or