Jalila Baccar

Jalila Baccar is a Tunisian author, actress and playwright. She co-founded Tunisia's first private company, Le Nouveau Théâtre, in 1976 and Familia productions in 1994. Since 1973, she has left her mark on the Tunisian and Arab theatrical scene through her writing and acting. In 2003, she won the Prix SACD de la Francophonie for Araberlin. A member of the Académie tunisienne des sciences, des lettres et des arts, she was awarded the Prix Mahmoud Darwich in 2012.

Her creations include Arab, Comédia, Familia, A la recherche de Aida, Junun, Khamsoun, Amnesia, Violences, Peurs and more. 

She presented Métamorphose #2 with Essia Jaïbi at Dream City 2022.


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