Adeline Rosenstein

When and where?

Adeline Rosenstein, based in Brussels, is a renowned director, playwright and actress. She trained in theatre, clown and directing at the prestigious Ernst Busch School in Berlin. In addition, the artist explored topics in religious history and sociology. Since 2000, Adeline has devoted herself to documentary theatre, creating the series described-ravage, which was presented at Dream City 2019 and focuses on Palestine.

In 2017, Adeline launched Laboratoire Poison, a project that sheds light on national liberation movements in colonized territories. Her work as a director, actress and writer is known for her dedication to committed theatre that avoids simplifications, offering a nuanced and thoughtful understanding of historical events.

Currently, Adeline Rosenstein is in residency at L'Art Rue, where she is developing her new project "Transformations", a radiophonic scheduled for 2025.

We look forward to the new perspectives that Adeline will bring to Dream City 2025.


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