Sāni` صَانِع – Kharbga

with Thomas Egoumenides and Mohamed Liderssa

Monday, 20 july - 10:00 AM

L'Art Rue

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Sāni' صَانِع , is a new activity launched through L'Art Rue, in July 2020 to put the spotlight on two dying traditions – coppersmithing and the game of kharbga.

Sāni' صَانِع  is a meeting between a designer, a craftsman, and some children, over an artisanal know-how and a piece of Tunisian heritage, that seeks to revalorize an intangible heritage through the eyes and practice of a designer. 

The project is carried out with the multidisciplinary design workshop Flaÿou and the coppersmith craftsman Mohamed Liderssa.

Through a dozen workshops conducted jointly by the designer and the craftsman, the children are introduced to materials, shapes, tools, gestures and techniques to eventually make their own object. 

The choice to make a kharbga board game injects a more playful dimension into the learning and initiation of children to the tradecraft of a coppersmith. It sensitizes them to view the craft as as a current profession. It is also an opportunity to breathe new life into this game.

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From 20 to 31 July 2020.

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