Change your Class!/ Qismi al Ahla - Menzel Bourguiba


Ecole primaire publique Chaker 1 - Menzel Bourguiba

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In 2019, the students of Chaker 1, public school in Menzel Bourguiba together with various local partners designed a creative space in and for their school. L'Art Rue accompanies them, mobilizes and unites the students of the Tunis Higher Institute for Fine Arts together with various private and institutional partners.

Able to accommodate all kinds of cultural and artistic activities, "Qismi al Ahla" campaigns for a public school that preserves the curiosity of children and sharpens their imagination, a school that is a space of awakening that introduces children to the joys of thought and creation while protecting them from the violence of their environment.

Practical information

March to October 2019 at the public primary school Chaker 1 - Menzel Bourguiba