Winter Camp March 2024 : discover our workshops dedicated to children and teenagers

During the school holidays, from 18 to 29 March 2024, L'Art Rue invites young individuals to immerse themselves in a creative universe in Dar Bach Hamba, through a series of varied artistic workshops. The programme of this 10-day Winter Camp, intended for those aged from of 5 and up to 16, includes a plethora of activities: theater of objects, contemporary dance, introduction to pottery, as well as film screening and analysis sessions. 

For this edition, an exciting new elements are added : interactive workshop of vocal and instrumental expression open to parents, offering them a unique opportunity to live an enriching artistic experience with their children. Cultural visits are also planned, in partnership with le32BIS, to discover a selection of their current exhibitions. 

Animated by artists who are renown in their discipline and enriched by the participation of two young talents, former participants of our programmes, Asma Zarrouk and Nourchène Dakkoumi, who will lead the workshop of Cinema - Projection et Debate, an initiative of the association Sentiers-Massarib, these workshops are a privileged space for the children of the Medina. True to our commitment, access to these workshops, as well as our entire annual programme, is completely free of charge. 

> Discover our Winter Camp 2024 activities :


> Storytelling Workshop with Leila Ben Salah

for 5-9 year-olds

Leila Ben Salah’s storytelling and meditation workshop offers a dive into stories of life, nature and environment, highlighting stories centered on ecology, history, transmission... Through this immersive experience, children are transported into a world that awakens their curiosity and empathy, sensitizes them to several important values such as respect for nature, solidarity, heritage preservation, etc. This approach aims to encourage the social and emotional development of children, stimulating their mental and creative potential.

> Object Theatre Workshop, with Besma El Euchi 

for 6-9 year-olds

Besma El Euchi’s object theatre workshop consists of creating characters from «mundane» objects brought by children and improvising situations between them.

> Cinema Workshop - Screening and Debate, with Asma Zarrouk and Nourchene Dakkoumi

for 6-9 year-olds

Since 2017, the association Sentiers-Massarib has been conducting workshops on debate and film analysis in several schools in the medina of Tunis. These workshops consist in freeing the speech and  enghancing the analytical capacity of the participants, accompanied by the association’s animators. This year, Asma Zarrouk and Nourchene Dakkoumi, who have previously attended this workshop at a young age, will now supervise this workshop.

> Contemporary Dance Workshop, with Hichem Chebli

for 9-12 year olds

The physical dance theater workshop is a dynamic combination of breakdance and contemporary dance designed to explore strength through movement. By focusing on improvisation and listening to music, participants learn to count and follow the rhythm while developing their own dance style.

> Theatre Workshop, with Narjes Ben Ammar

for 9-12 year olds

Narjes Ben Ammar’s theatre workshop offers a creativity space through playful exercises that encourage young participants to reflect while challenging their bodies and imaginations.

> Pottery Workshop, with Bouthaina Hosni

for 9-12 year olds

This pottery workshop by Bouthaina Hosni explores clay through a series of fun and educational activities. Participants, both young and old, will learn how to shape clay with their hands, use specific tools to create various shapes and experiment with textures, patterns and colours. 

> Film workshop - Film analysis, with Insaf Machta and Hajer Bouden

for 13-16 year-olds

A film analysis workshop developed by the Sentiers-Massarib association to develop image education and learn to produce film criticism texts. Article and summary produced by the young workshop participants can be consulted on this page.

> Three interactive workshops for children and their parents, with Saloua Ben Salah, Lamia Ben Salah and Akrem Missaoui

Through different artistic mediums and practices such as percussion, singing and emotional expression, participating children and their parents are invited to explore new spaces for encounters.

• Percussion Workshop with Akrem Missaoui

• Vocal Expression Workshop with Saloua Ben Salah

• Emotional Expression and Release Workshop with Lamia Ben Salah

> Cultural Visits and Creative Workshops to promote the exhibition La villa Baizeau à Carthage: Le Corbusier et Jeanneret in collaboration with Le 32BIS.

Practical information

From March 18th to March 29th, 2024 at L'Art Rue

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