Writing workshop

with Dhia Bousselmi

January-May 2022

Ecole primaire publique Hakim Kassar - Hafsia

Production +

The writing workshop facilitated by Dhia Bousselmi in the Hafsia public primary team from January to May 2022 is mainly based on the interaction of participatory ideas. The story will be adapted according to the visions of the participating children.

The general objectives of this workshop are to raise awareness and familiarise children with what writing is and how to construct a story through specific axes.

In concrete terms, this involves making contact through discussions on writing and reading, collecting ideas and proposals from each participant through animated debates, and then defining the theme and the main lines of the proposed stories and trying to find a common thread. The next step is to accompany each participant through readings and conversations on the writing style and on the construction of the events, and finally to finalise the work with a feedback on the texts.

>> This workshop gave rise to a time of restitution in May-June with a sound installation of the children's writing work. It was on 28 May 2022 at L'Art Rue.

Practical information

From January to May 2022 at the Hakim Kassar primary school in the Hafsia - medina of Tunis

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