Saloua Ben Salah

After studying at the Higher Institute of Music in Tunis, Saloua Ben Salah specialised in vocal coaching. Simultaneously, she has continued to work alongside innovative artistic groups such as the L'Art Rue association, where she plays an active part in a number of artistic projects, and the Aloes vocal ensemble, working with contemporary artists who are tackling real artistic and civic issues in relation to the local area.

She taught at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art of Tunis in Tunis and at the acting school of the National Theatre of Tunis for several years, where she directed her research and work as a singer and vocal coach towards the intersection of the different vocal techniques used by actors, singers, therapists, etc.

Today Saloua Ben Salah is continuing her research into the relationship between the voice and the body, delving into the therapeutic aspect of vocal work and offering personalised support programmes for professionals, amateurs, therapists and others.