Lilia Ben Romdhane

A graduate of the National School of Architecture and Urbanism in Tunis, Lilia Ben Romdhane has been a member of the "Corps Citoyen" collective since 2016. She has participated in the realization of various projects in Tunisia and Europe such as "Matera Città Aperta" in 2019 in Italy, "Commons Gabès" 2019 (Tunisia), "Cartographie du Désir" 2018 (Tunisia/Italy), "Kabinett des Imaginaires" 2018 (Malta) and "El Aers-The wedding" Project 2016/2017 (Tunisia).

She is the author of other projects such as "Moi plusieurs" 2018 (Tunisia), "Räume im Raum" 2018 (Germany), "Laboratory of sensations" 2016 (Tunisia), "Discursive Ornaments" 2016 (Tunisia).

Lilia has also participated with her projects in various national and international cultural events such as the Festival of Art in the City Dream City 2015/2017/2019 (Tunisia), Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 (Italy), Hammamet International Festival 2018 (Tunisia), Valetta European Capital of Culture 2018 (Malta), Mediterraneo Downtown 2018 (Italy), Carthage Poetry Days 2018 (Tunisia), Inizjiamed Malta Mediterranean Litterature Festival 2017 (Malta), Venice Biennale 2017 (Italy), Internationale Lichtkunst Biennale Hildesheim 2017 (Germany), Kelibia International Amateur Film Festival 2016 (Tunisia) and Women of Tunisia in 2014 (France). 


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