Farah Amri

Farah Amri, space and set designer, loves being on stage and working with dance. In 2015, she discovered this artistic field by practising African and hip-hop dance. Her beginnings were marked by the explosive energy and adrenaline she felt at the battles, however with the folk dance she joined in 2018, she learned the discipline and rules of the art of dance.

She expresses this blend of disciplines in the "Stambali" style, which she describes as "energy, spirituality, freedom and interpretation". In 2022, she created her first solo show 'ROUH, Esprit', a sort of fusion between Stambali dance and contemporary dance.

Her ambitions also led her to complete a doctorate studying both dance and set design, with a particular focus on the spectator's point of view. In 2021/2022, she co-founded the MOVMA dance school with her husband, choreographer Wael Marghni, where she shares her passion for dance with young people by practising and learning.

She sometimes accompanies Wael Marghni in the writing of his creations and the scenographic design of his pieces.