« Libya » by Radouan Mriziga at Julidans, International Festival For Contemporary Dance

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The performance «Libya» by choreographer Radouan Mriziga will be in Amsterdam on July 10 and 11, 2024, as part of the Julidans, International Festival of Contemporary Dance programme. 

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The 'Libya' in the title does not refer to the current nation, but to the name the ancient Egyptians and Greeks gave to North Africa. The culture of the Amazigh, who live in this area, is passed on from generation to generation through stories, dance and song. Although this oral and matriarchal culture greatly influenced the prosperity of art and science in the Mediterranean and Europe, it was never recorded by historians.

Moroccan-Brussels choreographer Radouan Mriziga celebrates this vibrant culture and proposes a new way of writing its history: through an open stage on which the connections between people and traditions become visible during a collective journey of discovery. Using their bodies as bearers of tradition, eight dancers bring the chants, rhythms, dance and music of their North African roots to life, in the here and now.

In Libya, the sounds of tarab, ahwach and touareg music are seamlessly blended with rap, spoken word, dance and theatre. This results in a continuous flow of transferred knowledge, experiences and movement. The focus is on the resilience of the Imazighen, who have coped with centuries of war and colonial oppression.

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10th & 11th of July 2024