Flagranti - In the Act

by Essia Jaïbi

1st oct. at 7pm

2 oct. at 7pm

Cinéma Théâtre Le Rio

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Flagranti is the new Essia Jaïbi play that opened in May 2022, produced by Mawjoudin We Exist and co-produced by L’Art Rue. 

It all began on January 22, 2022... 4 days that certainly didn't change the world, but that turned the fate of Adam, Malek, Bakhta, Ahmed, Salma and Rayen upside down.

Our six characters find themselves in one crazy tale! 

4 days where their friendship is tested, their love is abused, their citizenship is flouted…

4 days to descend to earth, land without a parachute and shatter on the ground of the reality of a multiple-faced society…

Practical information

At cinema theatre Le Rio

1&2 oct. at 7 pm 

No photography or video inside the theatre

Show not suitable for under 16 years old

Show in Tunisian Arabic - Surtitles in French and English 


105 min.

Price information

Ticket 5 TND