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Gouâl in Situ

by Filipe Lourenço – Filipe Lourenço Co. / Plan K Association

Friday, 22 september - 5:00 PM

Saturday, 23 september - 5:00 PM

Sunday, 24 september - 5:00 PM

Tuesday, 26 september - 5:00 PM

Wednesday, 27 september - 5:00 PM

Medersa Montacyria - المدرسة المنتصرية

Friday, 29 september - 5:00 PM

Théâtre El Hamra

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Gouâl in Situ is the encounter between the contemporary dancer-choreographer Filipe Lourenço and traditional Maghreb dances, the encounter between his sensibility and the city of Tunis during a first invitation in 2022.

The desire to continue working with Tunisian dancers, who bring their traditions of dance, and who are trained in a contemporary approach in 2023, remains.

Gouâl, which designates the public crier, the one who transmits, reinvents the Alawi Moroccan and Algerian warrior dance reserved for men by reading it through contemporary choreographic writing. The bodies of the ten dancers, men and women alike, reappropriate the dance, transforming it, away from ancient frames, to give it new life. 

Performed without music, crossed by the rhythm of the voices and struck to the ground, the dance is mixed in the powerful pulsation of the bodies, of all the bodies, together.

Practical information

Gouâl in Situ

22 > 24 sep. & 26 - 27 sep. at 5pm 

Medersa El Montaciriya (plan)

29 sep. at 5pm

Rooftop of El Hamra Theatre (plan)

Gouâl in the City

Place de la Monnaie (plan)

Place de la Victoire (plan)

Place Barcelone (plan)

Place Bab Souika (plan)


Gouâl in Situ : 40 mins

Gouâl in the City : 10 mins

Price information

Gouâl in Situ

Single price: 5 DT

Reduced rate: 3 DT for students & children < 12 years old

Free for residents of the medina upon presentation of an ID 

Medersa El Montaciriya > BOOK ONLINE

Rooftop of the El Hamra theatre > BOOK ONLINE

Gouâl in the City



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