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Find all the interviews with our artists in Creation!

Dream City 2023

Dream City is above all, a festival of creations that aspires to give a voice to artists, thinkers and citizens who are committed to a different future.

Check all the interviews with our artists in Creation!

Interview with Fakhri El Ghezal
Creation "And I Couldn't See The Moon" 

Interview with Feteh Khiari & Houcem Bouakroucha
Creation "Good Mourning !!" 

Interview with Andrew Graham
Creation "Lines" 

Interview with Filipe Lourenço
Creation "Gouâl in Situ" 

Interview with Khalil Hentati
Creation "Aïchoucha"

Interview with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia - Natural Contract Lab
Creation "A Pact with Waters - Commoning with Sejoumi"

Interview with Radouan Mriziga
Creation "Atlas/The Mountain" 

Interview with Sofiane Ouissi
Creation "BIRD" 

You can also check our interviews with...

▪  Leyla Dakhli & the Collective DREAM, creation "The Maps of Dignity"

▪  Jalila Baccar, creation "STIGMA"

▪  Sammy Baloji, creation "missa luba (working title)"

You can find all these interviews on our Youtube channel!


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