International Cooperation - Assembly III "BE Part

When and where?

From 27 to 30 April 2022

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The 3rd Assembly of the international cooperation programme BePart will bring together the ten partners of the project (including L'Art Rue) from 27 to 30 April 2022 in Ghent, Belgium. This Assembly will be held under the theme of PUBLICS and will be integrated into the OPENBARE WERKEN festival of the Kunstencentrum Vooruit, which will last until mid-May.

The third international assembly will also take place during the festival, within the framework of the European network BE PART (Art BEyond PARTicipation). This assembly focuses on artistic practices in close relation to the public (space): discover a cross-section of collective and participatory practices and engage in a dialogue on public issues. In a collective session, we will continue work on a protocol that focuses on the (re)distribution of power (policy, finance and work) between organisations, artists and communities within participatory art practices. We will also look at certain shared values within these practices (care, transparency and sustainability).

As a reminder, Assembly #2 focus POLITICS and Assembly #1 focus POWER took place online in 2020 and in Ljubljana in October 2021. The final Assembly #4 focus PLACE will take place in 2023.

BE PART is a 4-year project initiated by a network of 10 European and non-European organisations that critically explores participation policies and practices in the arts.

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From 27 to 30 April 2022 in Ghent (Belgium)