Free Palestine/Gaza Encampments: A Conversation with Student Activists

25 May 2024 starting from 4 PM

L'Art Rue

The proliferation of Free Palestine/Gaza encampments marks our present. These encampments are the sites and the medium of intertwined practices of revolt and solidarity. If Palestine condenses the cruelties of the modern world and the dreams of a free people, the student encampments have transformed the entire earth into Palestine. 

If every encampment is its own local site, and if each one is also present in every other encampment, what force does this multiplication articulate along the way? How have  the encampments, along with their networks of support, created the conditions for the possibility of becoming Palestinian? As encampments mutate into other forms of political struggles, what are the new horizons of these mutations? 

To consider these questions, this conversation gathers student activists from Free Palestine/Gaza Encampments in the United States and Tunisia.  

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Saturday 25 May at 4 PM 

L'Art Rue

Discussion in person & via the platform Zoom 

Online zoom event: Register Here

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