'Between Land and sea' report, 2022

Dream City 2022

BETWEEN LAND AND SEA is a summit and a programme of original artistic and theatrical productions developed and presented between Palermo (Studio Rizoma), Tunis (Dream City Festival), and Bremen (Theater Bremen). It creates the first participatory and long-term artistic collaboration between the three port cities, acting as a bridge between Europe and the Maghreb and between the South and the North of Europe. 

Thus, the BETWEEN LAND AND SEA summit was held on 3 and 4 October 2022 in Tourbet Sidi Boukhrissen (Medina of Tunis) in the framework of the 8th edition of the Festival of Art in the Dream City. The document that we propose you to discover here is the report testifying of the exchanges which took place during this summit.

BETWEEN LAND AND SEA engages more than 50 artists, workers, researchers, migrants, fishermen, farmers and citizens from Palermo, Tunis, Bremen, Beirut, New York, Abidjan, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Dakar, Bamako to examine and critically reflect the existing connections between port cities and their intertwined histories, linked by global migration and trade. 


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