Dream City 2021 : postponement of the 8th edition to automn 2022

When and where?

Jeudi 29 juillet - 07h


Dear festival-goers, dear friends, dear artists, dear partners,

The Dream City team wants, above all, to send thoughts of solidarity and compassion to people who are victims of the Coronavirus and their loved ones, as well as to healthcare workers and to all those who are fighting this pandemic every day.

Tunisia has been hit hard for 4 weeks now by the Delta variant. It is also experiencing a deep social crisis. This situation therefore creates an extremely fragile context for the preparation of a festival of contextual creations as unique as Dream City.

We have all been working for 11 months now to offer you at the start of the school year an important edition of the Dream City festival, important because it seemed urgent to us in the global context to finally find ourselves around works born from the territory, from its questions, from its desires and aspirations.

Unfortunately, we have to come to terms with the fact that this will not be possible in 2021 in view of the current Tunisian health context but also to offer you a festival that meets our artistic requirements and the relevance of the works created in dialogue with a territory and its populations.

The 8th edition of Dream City is postponed to autumn 2022.

New dates, program and final format will be announced next fall. We will keep you regularly informed via our new website lartrue.org and our social networks in the interests of transparency and accountability.

Despite a deep desire to bring this 2021 edition to an end, it is our responsibility to make this difficult decision for the safety of our audiences, our artists and our teams. Dream City is a celebration in the city, a festival of proximity, conviviality, exchange and sharing that claims a strong civic voice. To honor its values, let's meet again in the fall of 2022. 

While waiting for this happiness, the doors of L’Art Rue remain open and its weekly activities continue in a responsible manner. We continue to support the artists we host in residence and the children of the city in a sustainable manner around our values of creativity and transmission.

We would like to thank all our teams, artists and partners for their trust and support over the past few months. In these very difficult times and especially for the cultural sector, we are continuing our efforts with populations and artists so that art continues to form society. Our commitment and our mobilization remain intact. 

Jan Goossens, Selma and Sofiane Ouissi

Artistic directors of L’Art Rue and Dream City